Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gone Fishin'

I was watching an episode of MASH the other night.  It's the one where Colonel Potter is musing what he's going to do when the war is over and he finally gets home.  He says he's going to hang a shingle with Doc Potter on one side and Gone Fishin' on the other.  And the only side that will ever be seen is the one that says Gone Fishin'.

We took a break from getting things organized/ set- up the other morning and took the kids (Sweet Pea stayed with grandma!) fishing.  We headed over to a friend's pasture pond and set the kids up.

And pretty quick we started getting some bites.

Sarge taking one off the line.

Even I got in on the action.  Ok, so it's a bit hard to take a picture of yourself fishing =)

Sarge headed over to the other side of the pond and scared up a "really big black snake."  Thankfully it decided to take a swim instead of showing Sarge if it had a white mouth or not.

After about an hour, we had caught 3 fish and had a couple that we couldn't get to the shore.  And then our spot was invaded...

Some very friendly horses came to check out what we were doing in their pasture.

I tried to take a picture, but the horse knocked my hand out of the way.  There were a few minutes there that I thought the horses might try to "nudge" me into the pond...

After the horses invaded the area, we decided it was time to head out and get the fish home.  On the way out I saw this beautiful orange flower.  In my vast botanical experience, I *think* it's some sort of butterfly plant =)

Once we got back, Sarge filleted the fish and fried them up.  They were delicious...  Even though there was only enough for an appetizer. 

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