Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Country Living

We're settling into an easy rhythm around here.  Most mornings are pretty slow.  Once the kids are all awake, we head down to the main house to spend the day.  

Girly's first job when we get there is to check for eggs and make sure that the chickens have been let out for the day.

Junior has to make sure that they have water.

In the afternoons, I head out to the garden to pick vegetables for supper.  The tomatoes are just starting to ripen =)

Thankfully only one zucchini plant.  So far we've been able to keep up with it.

Along with the tomatoes and zucchini, we have been picking beets, onions, chard and lots of fresh herbs.  

The kids have been having lots of fun identifying the many bugs around the camper.  

We're still trying to identify this little guy.

I never realized walking sticks could be this bright green.

And they are huge!  This one was close to 6 inches in length!

And then there's the wildlife to identify.

Okay, this one wasn't too hard.  It was neat to see it so close up and not dead on the side of the road ;)

I'm slowly finding my schedule with my running.  I've even managed a couple of later evening runs around the camper site.  One night Girly joined me for a couple loops!

My favorite part of running out here is the beautiful scenery.  

And all the different flowers I get to see.

But I especially love the blackberries!

They were delicious!

I'm really enjoying this slower paced life.  It's challenging in it's own way, but so much more relaxing =)

Who knew that I would love being a country girl!

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