Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Rewind

This last month has been busy.  Lots of things going on around the community and with the family.

A local church had a Back to Basics day with demonstrations on soap making, canning and how to process a chicken.  They also had lots of water for the kids to play in.  Sweet Pea loves playing in the water =)

Junior decided he wanted to try biking down the hill to Grandma's place.  He didn't quite make it.  Just a few scraps and bruises.  He was back to feeling like himself in no time.  Although he's a bit disappointed he might not have any scars from it...

My parents came for a visit.  It was great spending some time with them and hearing about their trip to China.  It also meant that we no longer have to run an extension cord from the pole to the camper.  My dad was nice enough to help us run a wire.  Now we can actually run the air conditioner without blowing a circuit.  

She's just too cute =)

My sister- in- love and her family came for a visit as well.  We took a Girls' Day and went and had our nails done.  Sweet Pea was disappointed that she didn't get hers done.  Maybe next time.

And we took them all to the drive- in to see Monsters University and The Lone Ranger.  It made for a late night, but it was lots of fun.

Spent some time at the local splash park.

Not as big as some of them around Dallas, but you can't complain about the price... FREE!

After taking a semi- break from schooling, we're starting to get back into it.  Grandma has taken over the art department.  I think she's having more fun with the art projects than the kids are ;)

Over the next few weeks I hope to have lots of pictures to share.

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  1. So neat to see your children :) You have a beautiful family~~~<3 Esp. love your son's happy and boyish expression with the chin scrape! :)