Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting Settled

After three days of packing and loading the truck, we finally made it to our new home.  Course, we still had a truck to unpack...

Photo by lberger1016

                                                               Almost done!

Photo by lberger1016

                                                             Well, sort of...

Almost all of our stuff is being stored in our GP medium tent right now.  I'm slowly sorting through the stuff and figuring out what needs to be moved into the camper, what can be left in the tent (storage or usable in there) and what can be trashed or donated.  Because you always move more than you need to =)

Over the next couple weeks I hope to get more things organized, more pallets down for flooring (with Sarge's help of course) and the kids school area set up again- which they're hoping takes a lot longer lol!  

In the meantime, the kids are having lots of fun catching bugs and identifying them (that counts as school, right?).  They've identified wheeler bugs (members of the assassin bug family), walking sticks, Johnson jumping spiders and katydids.  Girly loves checking for and collecting eggs at my in- laws and Junior loves to be outside in the dirt.  Squish is slowly getting better about being outside.  Especially now that he realizes daddy long-legs aren't spiders.

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