Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tasteful Tuesday: Refrigerator Stew

This really isn't so much a recipe as it is a post about keeping your pantry stocked =)

Last night I was going through the refrigerator and realized I had some veggies that were starting to look a little sad.  I knew I had to use them up.  The easiest way, for me, to use lots of veggies is to make a stew with them.  But a stew needs other things besides just veggies.

After lunch, I put some beans (black, kidney, pinto, navy) and lentils on to boil and then simmer until they were soft.  Once those were getting close to being done, I chopped up the carrots, celery and an onion.  Sauteed those veggies with a bit of coconut oil until soft and then added some minced garlic (add your garlic at the end of your sauteing to avoid that *burnt* taste).  Added to that 4 cups of chicken broth, 1 can of tomato paste and 1 can of tomato sauce.  Added the beans with the cooking water, Italian seasoning, half a head of cabbage and then let the whole thing simmer until supper.

If my pantry hadn't been well stocked, I wouldn't have been able to pull this together.  So, what was in my pantry?

dried beans
coconut oil
chicken broth
tomato sauce
tomato paste
Italian seasoning
minced garlic

Even with out the veggies, this would have still been a nutritious and economical meal.

What are your favorite ways to use up the sad looking veggies?  What do you keep stocked in your pantry?

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