Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Recap: A Little Different

Running was slow going this week.  I did manage 19 miles- two shorter runs and a nice long one, but that was about it.  I need to get motivated to get up earlier =)

This week I'll start my training for the Dallas Marathon.  I'm going to be following the plan from the book Run Less, Run Faster.  I've had good results using those plans for my half marathons and shorter distances.  I'm also going to be adding in some strength training using the P90X videos.  Hoping a strong upper body will translate into a better overall performance.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a training seminar and then to work out with the creator of The Body Beast.  That was really an intense work out, and makes me all that more excited to start the program after the marathon.

Post workout shot with Agent J, me and Sarge.  We all survived, although my coffee cup was a bit harder to lift this morning lol!

Sarge, Sagi and me

I think with a little work, I could get my arms to look like that lol!

For the rest of the week I have 3 runs planned and 3 Tai Cheng workouts.  I've been loving how I feel after the Neural Reboot portion of the programs, so I think I may continue to do that a couple times a week once I'm finished with the program.

Monday: Tai Cheng
Tuesday: 15 min WU, 3x1600 (1 min RI), 10 min WD
Wednesday: Tai Cheng
Thursday: 2 miles easy, 2 miles at short tempo pace, 2 miles easy
Friday: Tai Cheng

Here's to a healthy new week!  Get out there and make a difference =)

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