Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Recap: Books from Bug Virtual Half Marathon

This week was a bit better for running.  Twenty- two miles instead of 19, so I'm moving up on the distance lol!

A couple weeks ago, I signed up for another virtual half marathon and this last Saturday was the day I had set to run it.  I got up nice and early and headed out.  It was a tough run.  Hot, humid, not fueled properly...  But I finished.  

Book from Bug Virtual Half Marathon
13.15 miles 2:02:03

BooksFromBug donates books to places like hospitals, schools, shelters, etc for children ages 3-14 in memory of Halleigh Parker. Please feel free to find them at

There is something magical in books that movies, TV and video games just cannot replicate. Reading books set us free from the here and now and transport us to places near and far, free from disease and pain, and open us to limitless possibilities. They teach us, inspire us, entertain us, bring joy to us and allow us to see the world in a new way.


My schedule for this week looks like this:

Monday: Tai Cheng
Tuesday: 1 mile WU, 4x800 (2:00) 10 min WD
Wednesday: Tai Cheng
Thursday: 1 mile easy, 5 miles @MP, 1 mile easy
Friday: Tai Cheng
Saturday: DRC Breakfast Bash 5 mile plus a few extra miles =)
Sunday: Tai Cheng

What are your plans for the week?

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