Friday, November 5, 2010

Three Things on Friday

Yes, I missed yesterday.  But I have a really good reason.  I had to wait until they got home to get pictures =)

1) Last night Sarge and Girly- girl went out on a date.  A local restaurant offered a daddy- daughter date night.  For the price of your meal (less than $12 for Sarge and Girly- girl) you were treated to a limo ride to and from the restaurant (from a near- by hotel), candlelight dinner service, background piano music and professional pictures.  I think it was a great deal.




But the best part of the night was when Sarge asked Girly- girl what her favorite part of the night was.  “Spending time with you, daddy.”

2)  Junior is now a purple belt.  He’s one of the highest ranking in his Little Dragon’s class.


3) There’s exciting things growing in our household.  Sometime in May, we will be welcoming home our fourth little bundle of joy.  The other three kids are excited, but they can’t agree on if they want another brother or a sister.  Good thing we’re leaving it as a surprise =)


Lil’ bean’s first picture.  We think he was waving at us.


  1. Yay! Congratulations! That is so exciting!

    I love the Daddy-daughter date night-that is such a cute idea!

  2. Cute pics! And congrats again on your big news! Looks like things are going well for you!