Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wister Lake

This last weekend Sarge's uncle and aunt came down for a visit.  He's an avid fisherman, so we took him out to go fishing.  We found a beautiful spot over by Wister Lake.

The kids were excited to get started.

He didn't care what he caught, as long as he had his boots and glasses.

Learning from the pro.

After a little bit, we headed over to the docks.  This one had a sign posted that said "No swimming, no wading and no shin allowed."  We think it meant no fishing, but since we all still have our shins we decided to move over to the other dock ;)

By this point she was really bored and didn't want to be fishing anymore.  But since I don't have a license, I have to have a kid by me to pretend I'm fishing.

She finally cheered up when we headed over to the playground.  It was full of things that spin (and make you dizzy and nauseous)

This one was easy to get stuck in and hard to stop spinning.  I had to have Junior help me stop it and let me out.

I'm so thankful we live in an area that has so much to offer for family fun.

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