Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 10 Recap

Had a busy week again last week.  Lots of running around, but not really feeling like I accomplished much.  Sigh...

Tuesday night Mom 4ce had their fist group workout.  It was a small group, but lots of fun.  Kelli did a great job leading us =)

Photo by lberger1016

Thursday night we ended up in the ER with one of the kids.  Sweet Pea fell and cracked her noggin pretty good.  Course by the time we were seen, the swelling had gone done and she was acting normal...  Well, as normal as a overly tired toddler acts =)

Saturday I headed over to the Cedar Hill Levee to run some miles.  I had the pleasure of running into a couple of runners from the local group that I knew from on- line, but hadn't had the chance to meet in person yet.  It was fun to run a couple miles with them =)

There were two purposes for heading out on Saturday.  The first was to run the Fit, Fab and Lean in 2013 Virtual Half Marathon.  Finished that in about 1:56.

Photo by lberger1016

And the second was to kick off Mom 4ce's Couch to 5k training group.  Again, a small group, buts lots of laughs =)

So, that was my week.  Still getting things organized and ready for the start of my Turbo Fire challenge.  There's a couple spots open yet if you're interested!

201.15/ 1000 miles

4/ 13 half marathons
1368/ 10,000 push- ups
35/ 180 school days
249/ 1189 chapters in the Bible
30 bags and a couple big pieces of baby gear out the door

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