Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 3 Recap

Is it just me, or are the weeks flying by?  It's time for another recap!

55.73/ 1000 miles
2/ 13 half marathons
380/ 10,000 push- ups
11/ 180 school days
75/ 1189 chapters in the Bible
7 bags and a couple big pieces of baby gear out the door

This last week I finished up week 2 of Les Mills Combat.  I am really enjoying the workouts.  I'm even getting the kids involved in the workouts...

Girly was showing Sarge her cross, jab, hook sequence (don't mind the blurring photo- she was moving too fast for my camera =))

And Junior gets involved by telling me I'm doing my roundhouse kicks wrong...

On Saturday I ran my second virtual half marathon- MRTT Winter Runderland Virtual Half.  Only 11 more to go to hit my 13 in 13 goal.

Will be adding this bling to my collection =)

And a couple things that brought me joy this week.

Nothing better than napping with a squishy baby.

Someone stayed in the bathtub a *bit* too long.  But, he had fun playing with his Thomas bath toys =)

How are you doing on reaching your goals?  Have you broken them down in baby steps?

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