Monday, August 6, 2012

DRC Cross Country Relay

This race was a blast!  It's the one race a year that the Dallas Running Club lets you run on a team.  The course is 3 loops (2 miles each loop).  Each person runs one loop and the age groups are based off of your combined age.

My team this year was a motley bunch.   

Yeah, I was the best looking one in the group ;)

We decided to run oldest to youngest (or was it age before beauty?).  Agent J took off first and then handed off to Mix Master Dave.  I brought the team in with the third leg.

Our team placed 91st out of 228 teams.  We took 12th (out of 40) in the sub- masters (88-117 yrs) group.  Our total time was 48:10, and my leg was 15:01.  Yup, I, er, we rock =)

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