Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Vacation Land...

Sarge is pretty excited about this.  The country boy in him is tired of city living and wants to get back out there...

View from a couple miles away.  Yup, we've got a mountain =)

The road to the land.  It was just like driving through a green tunnel.

Guess we need to do a little clean up.

One of 4 or 5 dry run creeks

The picture doesn't make it look as steep... 

It's a little thick in the summer

 plenty of room to shoot a deer
 gas line trails good for hunting or grazing animals
 plenty of run off water to dam up for a pond
 the hill begins
 love nut shells, means animal food 
 further up the hill rock formations abound

 oh ya, did we mention the view? 

 could look at it all day

 rock overhangs incase you get caught out in a hail storm

 rinsed off the sweat from the hike here

 more views from our 37 looking at the 40 ac below

 the parking pad where we will park the RV's, that dot is Junior
 this and the gas line trails are the only open areas
in-active part of the gas well on the 37 
the active relay, hope it means they must maintain the driveway

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