Sunday, April 15, 2012

11 months and a vacation...

And we have teeth!  Sweet Pea's 2 bottom teeth broke through in the last couple days.  Her smile is about to get even more adorable =)

She's decided she'd rather sit up in the carts than be carried.

The week before Easter, we drove around trying to find the perfect spot for the "Texas Bluebonnet" picture, but couldn't find one that wasn't on a major highway.  So we opted for a rose garden.

She wasn't happy about Junior holding her by *her* flower.

She really does like her sissy...

Easter weekend we drove up north to visit family.  

Sarge got to ride horses with his dad (and decided horses aren't all that bad).

And the rest of us rode in the wagon.

Meeting her uncle for the first time...

And one of her cousins... 

And then down to my parents' house and some time on the marsh (what's the difference between a marsh and a swamp?).  

Sarge really wants to find a couple bucks so he can have a mount like this...

Sweet Pea fell asleep in the sling, just making sure that I was getting a good work out in ;)

The goose really thought we couldn't see it...

My new favorite picture of Squish Bear.

Playing around at Cabela's...  Doesn't everyone spend part of their vacation at Cabela's?

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  1. Very nice, good family times! :)

    My wife (Annette) has started another blog page where she likes to do, book reviews, tid bits of family insight, pictures she sees and snaps that make her and maybe even you smile and lastly she loves to do giveaways as her sweet heart loves to bless and encourage others. Thank you (Annettes husband) Rodney