Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Last weekend, Junior had the Pinewood Derby for his Cub Scout Troop.  Yes, he's in Cub Scouts now.  In fact, the Monday before the Pinewood Derby was his first meeting.  Which meant that he created his car in less than a week =)

And he wanted to design a tank.

All the cars...

And the track.

The most important part- the prizes.

Patiently waiting.  Girly- girl wants to design a car for next year- pink of course- for the open division.  And Squish Bear can't wait to join Cub Scouts.

And they're off!

The results after the Wolf Den's 4 heats.

Oh, look at that!  Junior took 3rd!

Obligatory cute picture for Grandma...

Waiting for the awards.

With his prizes- a bronze medal and a compass/ thermometer/ whistle for camping.

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