Sunday, February 5, 2012

How awesome is this?

Sweet Pea got her Christmas present from Papa in the mail today.  It's late because he didn't know what to make and had to ask me and then look for a pattern.  Oh, and the fact that he tried to cut off his finger probably didn't help =)

It's a shape sorter box- shapes and colors.

On the inside of the cover it explains what each type of wood (on the cover) represents.

Cherry: to cherish your loved ones
Walnut: for the nuts in your life, er, the nuttiness in your life
Tiger Wood (no, not the golfer): for her spunk
Purple Heart: for her strong little heart

Girly- girl was showing her how to use it.

"This one Sissy?"

But more importantly...

She's sitting on her own!!!!

How awesome is that?


  1. How very exciting, she's sitting on her own! What a beautiful handcrafted heirloom gift. That's so beautiful. I'm sure that meant a lot. So I'm guessing your dad's finger(s) is/are in one piece or you'd have said more about it?

  2. His finger is doing fine now. It had been pretty serious- cut down to the bone.

  3. What an awesome gift!! I love how it holds so much meaning and it is something that she can use and learn from for a long time. Thanks for sharing!