Saturday, December 10, 2011

Purple Passion

 We had our family pictures scheduled in November, and I spent some time trying to figure out what everyone was going to wear.  I wanted us to match, but not be "matchy- matchy."

So, I found a beautiful purple heather sweater knit and made myself this wrap style dress.

Close up of the top part.  One of the best things about a wrap style dress is that it's nursing friendly =)

And then I found an adorable pattern for a little girl's kimono style jacket.  It's still a bit big on Sweet Pea, but she'll grow into it =)

Then I decided I liked the style so much that I wanted one for Girly- girl as well.  But, the pattern wasn't sized for her.  My first attempt at sizing up/ drafting a pattern.  I think it turned out pretty good =)

I wanted it to be slightly different, so I added some flower trim around the edges.  (And it's hanging crooked on the hanger.  The one side really doesn't hang that much lower).

Girly- girl seems happy with it =)

And here we are.  See, we all match, but aren't "matchy- matchy."

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  1. what a beautiful family and the dress is fantastic!!! you really tied it all together with out actually matching - absolutely perfect! Thanks for sharing!