Monday, October 10, 2011

{31 for 21} Day 10: Green Meadows

Another post that isn't specifically about Down syndrome...  But what I'm starting to realize is that even though it is a part of our lives, it's not our entire life.  We still have plenty of other things that we like to do as a family =)

Today we took some time to visit Green Meadows Farm.

Hanging out with the chickens

My turkeys with the turkeys =)

Feeding the goats and sheep

Milking a cow

Little piggies

More cows

Yes, I actually do exist ;)  Not that often that I get pictures of me taken lol!

Sweet Pea had started out in the stroller, but at one point we were surrounded by school field trip kids who wanted to "pet" her.  Didn't really appreciate that, so I put her in the wrap to keep her away from grubby little hands =)

There was a really neat playground at the park outside the petting farm.

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