Friday, December 10, 2010

Chinese Anyone?

Our Sunday School class is having their Christmas party tonight and the dinner menu includes Chinese food.  I was instantly reminded of this clip:

In honor of that, I decided to make sushi, pork lo mein and fried rice to bring along.


Hmmm…  Doesn’t that look yummy?


A better look at the sushi.  I found the recipe for it here.  It comes with it’s own bowl of chocolate dipping sauce.  What??  Yup, chocolate sauce.  The sushi rolls are actually rice krispie treats with gummy worms rolled inside and then wrapped with fruit roll- ups.



Close ups of the fried rice and pork lo mien.  And yes, they’re not what them seem either.  I found the recipes in this book.  And they’re made out of cupcakes, frosting, cereal and lots of different types of candy.  Yes, I’m bringing dessert to the party =)


The egg in the fried rice is made from banana flavored Laffy Taffy.  Soften it in the microwave, cut it up and then roll it to “smooth” out the rough edges.


The carrots are orange jelly beans and orange Tootsie Rolls.


The scallions are made from green licorice sliced at an angle.


The peas are green jelly beans.


The pork is strawberry Laffy Taffy that was softened, flattened and sliced into shreds.


The broccoli was a lot of fun to make.  Each piece is made with a green Tootsie Roll cut halfway down to form a branch.  Then the branches are covered with a dab of green frosting and green nonprailines. 

The fried rice was created using rice krispies mixed in with brown- tinted frosting.  Add the “veggies” and then top the cupcakes with the mix.

The lo mien was finished off by putting the “pork” on top of the cupcakes and then squeezing brown- tinted frosting across the top to look like noodles.  A piece of “broccoli” was then placed on each cupcake.  Both sets of cupcakes were then topped with a sprinkling of “scallions.”

I can’t wait to dig in =)  And I hope the rest of our class enjoys the food as much as I enjoyed making it.

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