Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How many random thoughts can be put into one post?

So a couple weeks have gone by again and I haven't gotten around to updating the blog.  So, prepare yourselves, this is going to be long with lots of pictures =)
Girly- girl blowing out the candles on her cake.  The cake was a success.

What do you get when you take one Aussie Packer fan and one native Viking fan?

A great afternoon playing golf.  First time Sarge hasn't been on a course in about 3yrs and he didn't do too bad or too good.  He was 2 over par...  But it was a scramble =)

We went to the sneak peak of the Giants of the Savannah exhibit at the zoo.  Anyone want a snack?

Junior and Junior- junior weren't letting any girls in they're fort.  Sad to think that my 4yr old fits in her 2yr old brother's clothes...

They think it's a lot of fun.  I think it's a great leg workout.  Especially when Junior wants up.

First pool battle wound of the season.

Kids don't need toys.  They just need boxes.

A little girly fun.  Yes, these are my feet and Girly- girl's feet. 

Me finishing up the Red Nose Run. 

May was a decent month of running for me.

103 miles for the month.  Not my highest month, but working to get the mileage back up there.
I ran one race this month.
DFW Red Nose Run 5K.  I finished 3rd overall in a time of 21:41 (average pace 6:57/ mile).  My best time since college.

Total running miles for the year: 510
I have 692 miles if you add in the miles I've walked with my mutt.

About 95% of my runs are in my VFF's and/ or barefoot.  My form has improved some much since I started running barefoot.  And as a result, my times have come down.

And one last picture.  The kids can be so creative with their toys.  I always get a good laugh when I go to upload pictures.

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