Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Girly- Girl!

Yesterday my Girly- Girl turned 4.  I would say she's getting so big, but she's still so tiny =)

She is completely enthralled with princesses and asked for a princess cake.  I bargained with her and got her to agree to a castle.

This is what she wanted:

And this is what she ended up with:

With it being a very small party, I didn't make the cake as big as the instructions called for, only 2 layers instead of 4.

Girly- girl is very happy with the results.  I'm so glad 4 yr olds are so easy to please =)

This was my first attempt at using fondant and I can say it was easier than I thought it would be.  I still need to perfect building the cake- this one turned out a little uneven.  But, having the right tools would make that a lot easier.

Two strawberry cakes and a few extra cupcakes that we ate last night.

The butter cream layer.  A special cake spatula would have made this a lot easier.  And freezing the cakes would have been nice too.

Fondant hides a lot of mistakes.  And you can see that my top layer wasn't quite even.

Coloring your own pre- made fondant isn't very easy.  I still have purple hands from kneading it.  But, I do like the swirled affect.

I *heart* premade sugar decorations.

I will eventually learn how to make royal frosting decorations.  Heck, I might even take some cake decorating classes someday =)

Junior- junior decided he wanted to wear the princess headband.

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