Sunday, May 9, 2010


No, I'm not shutting the blog down.  In the next couple weeks, I'm going to have to say farewell to two friends I've only know a short time.  But, in that short time, they've made a huge impact on my life.

When I first moved to the DFW area, I joined a MOP's group to get to know other moms in my area.  One of the first to greet me and make me feel like I had known her forever was Miss April and the other was Miss Mai.  Both of these ladies made me feel welcome and a tad less homesick. 

Miss April has a heart to serve those she meets.  I pray that someone in her new home welcomes her and makes her feel like an old friend, just like she did for me.  Miss Mai has a heart for missions.  She's been a great example of how to follow God's will in my life.  I pray that the people who have been placed on her heart see Christ shining through her.

To thank these two wonderful women for what they've done and for what they will do, I wanted to give them something to look at and remember their old friends.

Two cute little stationary notebooks.  With a few extra surprises.

The green one has a cute little frog button on the front.

A place to hold your pen, four cards/ ID's and notecards and a notebook.

The purple one has an antiqued silver button closure.

Places for 8 cards/ ID's, a pen, notecards and a notebook.

The purple one is slightly smaller than the green one.  The green one measures 13x9.5 inches when open and the purple one measures 13x7 inches when open.

I haven't decided who gets one color.  Maybe I'll let them figure it out when I see them next...

To Miss April and Miss Mai: I feel like I've just gotten to know you, but know that even distance won't stop the seed of friendship that has been planted.  Thank you for making me feel welcome =)

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