Wednesday, September 2, 2009

oh, hello friend package exchange

I decided to join a package exchange on the wonderfully inspiring blog oh, hello friend. It's the first one I've done, and I was so excited with how it worked out. The main theme behind this exchange was pretty packages.

I met a wonderful lady, Melissa, who is very talented and creative. I was excited to put a package together and send it off to her. I would have pictures of the purse I made for her, the book covers and the inspirational quote I sent, but alas, my camera wasn't letting me download pictures. So, I will just have to post pictures of the lovely packages I received in return.

Such beautiful and creative packages. I *almost* didn't want to open them. But I'm glad I did, because what was inside was even better.
I had been looking at the Happy Little List Takers from knitty bitties for awhile now. I was so excited to finally get one. It's a beautiful fabric covered notebook, and so much more! The pockets inside are perfect for stashing those items that get lost or crumbled up on the bottom of your purse. I absolutely love the vintage bird pattern on this one. If you don't have one of your own yet, got over to knitty bitties and order one!
The vase is perfect for all the flowers that my Girly- girl picks for me. What better way for dandelions and black- eyed Susan's to be displayed?
The pink pin is just adorable. I don't really have anything to wear it with, so I guess that means I get to go shopping?
Melissa loves quotes, so she shared some with me. All five of these postcards are inspiring and beautifully photographed. I would love to share them, but probably won't =)

And what girl doesn't love chocolate? Just need to hide it from the kids so I can enjoy it all by myself.

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  1. WOW, those are LOVELY items! <3
    thanks for sharing!! :)

    xo. danni