Friday, September 4, 2009

haven't said anything yet...

We're moving. And not a simple around the corner, down the road type move. No, we're moving 1,000 miles across country. Sarge took a full time position down in Dallas. This midwest girl is loving the idea of warm winters, but not so much the moving process.
I've already donated 3 van loads full of assorted baby clothes and accessories, and items that we've had in storage since we moved in 7 yrs ago (I really needed them, right?). But, as much as I know I need to, I couldn't part with any of my fabric stash. I think I have a serious problem.
This was taken after I had already cleared out one section. Dawned on me that maybe I needed a record of how bad it really was =)
And here it is all boxed up, ready to be put in storage until the moving truck gets here. Course, this is just the fabric. I still have my machines out and a "few" pieces of fabric and patterns for me to sew =)
Now I just have to finish going through all of the other stuff in the house and decide what needs to be tossed, donated or packed for the move. Any volunteers?

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  1. If you don't pack you can't leave, right?? So I am NOT helping.