Friday, July 17, 2009

Vintage Wedding

No, I didn't sew this gown. My mom and my grandma made it for my mom's wedding in 1969. I had planned on wearing it for my wedding, but my mom was tiny =) I think she was about 5' 2" and 90lbs when she got married. Thirty years later, I was 3 inches taller and "a bit" heavier than her. I was also broader across the shoulders. Needless to say, I wasn't able to wear her gown.

The gown is an empire waist style with hand beading down the front panel.

The train falls from hooks at the shoulder and trails about 1-2' on the ground.

The veil is made from the same lace trim that the train is edged in. It was attached to an up- do with bobby pins. Most likely, the veil would need to be replaced if this was to be worn.

The sleeves have beaded buttons up the underside. The front comes down into a point about mid- hand.

Both my mom and my grandma taught me to sew. Because of them, I learned to love creating my own clothes and clothes for others. I owe them a lot.

After debating about it, I've decided to sell the gown. I would rather know someone else was able to use and enjoy the gown rather than having it sit in storage. It can be found in my etsy store.

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