Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Last week Monday started out pretty good for us.  I got out for a nice long run. 

Sarge took the kids fishing, caught some fish for supper.  He even fried them up!

But then the storm moved in.  The wind, the rain, the lightening...

We were listening to the weather reports on our weather radio and knew we were in for it when they reported a possible tornado heading from Fanshaw to Bokoshe and anyone in the path should take immediate cover.

That's when the house shook.  The kids and I were under the table (Sarge was at the window watching the storm).  As I was praying, an image can to mind of hands covering us.

Once we heard on the radio that the storm was in Bokoshe, we headed out to check the animals and see if there was any damage.

There were large branches that had fallen only a few feet from the house.

A large tree just missed landing on the tractor.

There is minor damage to some of our fencing.  All the animals were accounted for- a bit skittish, but still where they were suppose to be.

Two hundred yards down the road, it was a different story.

The first half mile of the road from our house is a tree tunnel.  And in that half mile at least 10 threes were down, some of them pushing 3 feet in diameter.  And, it wasn't that they fell because the ground was saturated.  The trunks were snapped about 2 feet above the ground.  (National Weather Service has said that it was an EF-1 tornado).  

Again, I saw the image of hands covering our property and knew that we had been protected.  

So often we forget to see God's provision when times are rough, when the storms of life come.  We need to remember to look for the good in the situation instead of the why.

After all, we have this promise:

We were inconvenienced because the road was blocked, but we are so thankful that we were kept safe.

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