Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Homebrew on Tap

Recently, I started drinking kombucha.  And *gasp* I was buying it through our local co- op because it's too hard to make.  

Wrong =)  Last month, instead of buying a case of kombucha, I bought the SCOBY and started my own batch.

Yes, I know it looks disgusting, but that's just the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) doing it's job.  

After the first gallon lasted us all of two days, I made a black tea with rose hips and hibiscus in it.  So far, this is our favorite.  It doesn't need anything added to it.

Now that we're addicted to it, I set it up to have kombucha on tap- a continuous brew.

It limits us a bit on how much we can drink each day.  But not for long.  I have my second continuous brew in the start up stage right now.  Pretty soon we'll have two up and running.  And then, I might have to add a third...  (The other little jar is my ginger bug.  If it works out, I'll write about using that to make your own naturally fermented sodas.)

Why should we be drinking a fermented beverage?

1. It adds healthy probiotics to your diet, which aid in digestion. 

2.  It boosts your immune system

3.  It can diminish joint pain

4.  It tastes wonderful!  There is no end to the flavors you can add once the kombucha is drained from the SCOBY.  My favorite is to add tart cherry juice.  I also like adding fresh mint leaves.  

Have you tried kombucha?  Do you brew it yourself?

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