Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We've Been Busy...

The summer has once again flown by.  And we've been pretty busy.

We took a trip to the Tulsa Zoo.

Squish got into a bit of a sticky situation ;)

A pic of the kids in the rain forest area.  My parents traveled to Peru to see the Mayan ruins and we just went to Tulsa.

The farm has been growing...

Six new baby chicks.  We now have 33 chickens (and 3 ducks).

We've had 2 litters of bunnies...  11 kits between the two.  This is a picture of Spot.  We'll be keeping this one =)

Progress has been made on the house.

Now the hard part (for us)- filling in the walls with cordwood...  But first we need to chop down and debark a bunch of trees =)

Girly made her first quilt.

I finished up a cardigan.  Now to wait for winter so I can wear it =)

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