Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Under Construction

Along with the road trip I took, we also spent some time in OK getting things ready for our move.

First thing that went up was the GP medium tent.

Once we get a floor in there, I'll have about an extra 650 square feet to let the kids run around in- as compared to the 300 or so in the camper lol!

The electric company also set up the pole and meter, so I have electricity now.  Which is a good thing, because this is summer...  In Oklahoma...  I need my air conditioning.

Setting up the tent wasn't the only exciting thing that happened.  Tuesday we had lots of rain.  And lightning.  Which hit a tree.

Just above a leak in the gas line (we have natural gas pumps on our property).

Thankfully the ground was saturated and it was still raining.  We had an interesting time trying to get someone out to take care of it.  In the end, the sheriff, the fire department, two different gas companies and multiple *spectators* were there to keep things under control.

My million dollar view.

Sweet Pea found a friend.

Sunset after the thunderstorm.

Running with Jax again.

And then there was this little guy.  A pygmy rattlesnake.  Apparently they're pretty rare.  Just our luck we saw one.  Thankfully it was still cool out and he wasn't moving fast.  We didn't even realize it was a rattlesnake until Sarge started poking him with a stick.   Because that's the smart thing to do =)


  1. Of course he poked it. What else would someone do with a rattlesnake?