Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 11 Recap

If the fact that it's Thursday and I'm just now getting to last week's recap doesn't tell you how my week has been...

Things have been even more busy around here than usual.  Why?  Well, because we put our house on the market this week and spent most of last week/ weekend getting it ready.  Lots of lots of cleaning, organizing and getting rid of stuff (I'm not even sure how to count the 2 van loads and overflowing garbage bins for my yearly total...).  But, the house was officially listed yesterday.  AND!  We had a showing!  Now to wait and see if there's an offer with that...

In the midst of all that (as if that wasn't enough!) Mom 4ce met on Tuesday for another group workout 

yes, I had the longest arms so we could all fit in the picture =)

and on Saturday for the C25k workout.  Our group grew a bit this week!

All of the ladies did a great job this week!

Like last week, I headed out early to run a few miles before we met- 13.3 to be exact.  And in the process officially earned the St Patty's Day Virtual Half Marathon Medal.

Another half completed for my goal towards 13 for the year.  And the next few weeks will see me checking off a few more!

And with trying to keep the house clean and *show* ready, we're spending more time outside.  Good thing the weather's cooperating!

 He really will eat his veggies.  And now that I have proof, he can never say he doesn't like broccoli ;)

Sarge demonstrating how they ate when he was in Afghanistan   

Girly caught the Easter bunny...

Playing is such hard work.

It was a delicious cookie.

I love finding these messages all over the house.

That about wraps up this last week...  And a couple days into this week.

Keep reaching for your goals!

232.48/ 1000 miles
5/13 half marathons
1411/ 10,000 push- ups
40/ 180 school days
296/ 1189 chapters in the Bible

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