Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 7 Recep

I'm a day behind this week.  Sarge had a long weekend, so we spent some time in OK with his parents.  Beautiful country that recharges the soul...  So much better running out there than in the concrete jungle =)

Mountain views and sunny skies...

There were even ducks swimming on the pond, but the mutt scared them off when we came by.

This was overlooking the quarry hill I ran down (thankfully down and not up!) on Sunday.  

My Sunday run was also my Sweet Cupcake Virtual 10k (turned into 8.5 miles).  For my effort, I earned this sweet bling.

Y'all may be wondering way I'm running virtual runs.  For the most part, virtual runs work better than *real* races.  I can fit them around my family's schedule.  And almost all of them benefit a charity.

There you have it.  A look at what I did last week.

133.9/ 1000 miles
3/ 13 half marathons
1073 10,000 push- ups
25/ 180 school days
182/ 1189 chapters in the Bible
26 bags and a couple big pieces of baby gear out the door

What are you most proud of this last week?

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