Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 1 Recap

The first week of the year has gone by.  How did you do?  Did you get started on the right foot?

Things are going pretty good here.  I'm making some good progress towards my goals.

23.94/ 1000 miles
81/ 10,000 push- ups
4/ 180 school days
31/ 1189 chapters in the Bible

We've been reading with the kids every night so far.  They're starting to enjoy it a bit more ;)

I've been pretty good about finding joy in each day.  Today it was how Sweet Pea was playing with Jax (and how he was patiently letting her pull his fur).

Photo by lberger1016

And I made some progress in purging.

Photo by lberger1016

My sewing room exploded and the pile will be disappearing soon.

What have you accomplished this year?  Are you still on track with your goals?   

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