Monday, November 19, 2012

Resolutions vs. Goals

I know I'm a bit early with this.  After all, most people don't think about their resolutions until New Year's Eve.

But, I wanted to challenge you to think about them a bit early.  And not only think about them, but to form them into goals instead of resolutions.  See, resolutions are vague.  Goals are specific.  And the difference between them is that come December 31, 2013 you'll be able to look back on your goals and say you finished them, but your resolutions with still be, well, resolutions.

So how do you turn your resolutions into goals?  Easy.  It's all about making them SMART.

For example...

My resolution:  I want to run a marathon.

My goal:  I will run the Dallas Marathon by December 9, 2012.

See the difference?  No?  Let's go a bit further.

My resolution was vague.  It wasn't SPECIFIC.  It wasn't MEASURABLE.  It wasn't ATTAINABLE the way it was stated.  It had no RELEVANCE.  And, it wasn't TIME SENSITIVE.

How did my goal differ from my resolution?


Here's another example.

Resolution: I want to lose weight.

Goal: I will lose 10lbs by March 1st by eating healthy and exercising.

Are you beginning to grasp the difference in the two?  The difference in being able to check the goal off your list and feeling bad because it didn't just happen?

Starting December 1st, I'm going to be running a challenge group to help you turn your resolutions into goals.  All you need to do is say you'll join.  With the support of the group and my guidance, you'll be able to turn your resolutions from 2012 into concrete goals for 2013.  Goals that this time next year you will be able to say you accomplished.

To sign up, visit my facebook page.  Leave me a message and I'll help get you started on the right path to making 2013 your best year yet!


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