Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Recap: September Rewind

Another month has flown by and we're one month closer to the end of the year.  Are you one month closer to reaching the goals you set for yourself back in January?  

Looking back at the goals I wrote down in January, I am closer on a lot of them, but some of them I've had to modify or eliminate all together.

Like my pull up goal.  I realized that I need to work on my upper body strength (a lot) to even be close to starting that one.  So, I'm working on a strength training program that will help lay the foundation so next year I can tackle that goal.

Even if I'm not able to check off every single goal I wrote down, I won't be upset.  Why?  Because I know I've pushed myself to reach those goals and I will continue to push myself, to challenge myself to be better.

So, looking back over September, I saw a lot of improvements over August, but also areas that I know I need to improve in.

Overall I am happy with what I accomplished in September.  I may not have hit every goal I set (I always set the bar high to challenge myself), but I am better than I was on September 1st.

In September I ran 89 miles.  I completed a virtual 100k ( total miles, not all at once) to help raise funds for Autism Awareness.  

I finished the first 4 weeks of marathon training and the first 3 weeks of my P90X/ marathon training hybrid program.  

I reached out and started my second challenge group, which is going strong.  I wrapped up my first challenge group and the members had great success on getting started on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

And now, what about October?  What do I want to accomplish this month?

First, I'm running this relay:

With this crazy team:

I plan on one 15 mile run and one 20 mile run in preparation for my marathon.

I'm going to continue one with my P90X/ marathon training hybrid (weeks 4-7).

I'm going to be a lot better about drinking my Shakeology, especially since I can feel a huge difference in how I feel on the days I miss it.  And with that, I plan on trying and posting 31 different recipes (keep an eye on my facebook page for that!)

I am going to be a lot better about drinking my water during the day.  And I'm going to be a lot better on cutting down on the snacking.

I will be starting my third challenge group on October 15.  This one will focus simply on nutrition.  Daily posts, motivation and accountability from the group will help you lay the foundation to healthy eating.  And will give you a jump start on getting through the holidays without gaining weight =)  Details are posted on my facebook page, or you can send me a note if you are interested in joining.

There you have it.  My plans for the next month.

What are your goals for October?  What can I do to help you get there?

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