Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Flexibility

Flexibility is important in any workout.  But that doesn't just apply to how flexible you are physically.  

Sure, it's important to be flexible physically.  It can help prevent injuries.  It can make it easier to perform your day to day tasks.

Flexibility is a key component in any workout program.

But more importantly, is the flexibility to adapt to life.

You need to be flexible when it comes to your workout program and goals.  Do you know when to change your program or your goals to avoid injury?  To avoid over committing?  What about the flexibility to drop out of a competition?  

Sunday morning in the women's Olympic marathon, the third US runner, Desi Davila, had to drop out of the race after just 2 miles.  Why?  Because she knew that continuing on could compromise the rest of her career.  And she was not willing to risk that.  

I know what you're saying...  "But she's a professional athlete.  She gets paid to run, of course she doesn't want to risk her career."  I'll give you that.  But are you any less important to your family?  To your employer?  Do you want to take the chance that by refusing to be flexible when it comes to your fitness goals you won't be able to continue?

What about flexibility with your nutrition goals?  Having one bad meal or snack is not going to ruin your diet. But having an *all or nothing* attitude about it will.  

Be flexible enough to realize that life happens.  We can't control every little thing that happens to and around us.  But by being flexible we can adapt and overcome whatever challenges are placed before us.

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