Monday, July 2, 2012

Supporting Allison

Thank you so much to everyone who took time to look through the items and place a bid.  We all appreciate your support and we know that Allison and her family appreciate it as well.


Five years ago, I met a wild and crazy group of women.  We came from all sorts of backgrounds, but had one thing in common.  We were all pregnant and due in October 2007.  Five years later we are all still connected with each other.  We've shared the ups and downs of pregnancy, the trials of having newborns and watching them grow through their first year.  We been there for each other through more pregnancies, marriages, divorces, cross country moves, hardships and joys.  And then this spring we heard the words we hoped to never hear.

"I have breast cancer"

One of our own was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer.  We were in shock.  We were baffled.  How could this happen?  And then, just like every other time one of us reached out, we joined our hearts and surrounded her with love.

But we wanted a tangible way to show her our love too.  And so we decided to put together an auction with the proceeds going to help Allison and her family deal with the financial burden that a cancer diagnosis brings.

The craftiest among us have donated these items.  Each link takes you to the items page with a description of the item, retail price, suggested starting bid and a minimum bid.   

Please leave a comment with you bid and check back often to make sure  you're still winning =)

The auction will run from today (July 2) through July 12.  Winning bidders will be contacted through email and payment will be collected through paypal. 

Thank you for taking the time to look around and bid!

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