Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peace and quiet...

We decided to go camping over the fourth.  Kids were so excited they got up earlier than normal.  Only to find out they had to wait until daddy got home from work.  Instead of going back to bed, they crashed where ever they could find room =)

Our first night on the land.  This is looking west/ northwest.  I could enjoy seeing the sun set over mountains all the time.

Sarge and I took off on a hike up the mountain on one of the trails and then back down on the road.  This "little" guy was bookin' it across the road as we came by.  Okay, he really wasn't that little.  But I wasn't freaked out.  Not that I would have picked it up, but tarantulas are okay spiders to have around lol!

Next day we took off hiking again (one of the benefits of having grandma and grandpa along- they watch the kids =)).  This time we skirted the mountain and followed the rock line.

Sarge's park bench.

In the "rainy" season, this is a waterfall.  Now, it's just a really cool rock formation.

A trip into town and a stop a a farm supply store.  This Gator is Sweet Pea and Junior approved ;)

While we were cleaning things up and moving things back to the storage container, we scared up a critter that looked like this (not my picture, and can't find the link...).  The kids really enjoyed looking at him until the mutt came along and scared him off.

The mutt thought the air conditioning in the van was too cold...  He buried himself in the blankets to take a nap while we drove.

While it's nice to get away for a few days, it's even nicer to get back home to running water and hot showers.  

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  1. My parents used to take us camping when we were little. Brave people lol. I hate spiders. I would have freaked out to out it mildly. Looks like you had fun, though.