Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh My!

How did it happen that a whole month has gone by without a post? It's not like I haven't had anything going on...

A brief recap then =)

Girly- girl turned 6.

My blog got a make over thanks to Simple and Unique Blogger.

We drove to MN and back with a truck and a camper.  Oh, and my in-laws are staying with us now until they can get a house out on the land.

I ran a race and took 3rd in my age group.

We took the kids to Pump It Up.

Junior brought a friend to TKD.

Sarge took the boys camping.  Girly and I had a girls' weekend.  And I'm dog sitting a chihuahua =)

There, that's a recap of the last month lol!

In the next couple weeks, Junior and Girly are going to Day Camp, VBS is starting and Junior will turn 8.  Yes, 8.  

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