Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Lord's Army

Last week the kids took part in our church's day camp.  The theme was "The Lord's Army."  And if you're in the Lord's Army, you need the right equipment =)

Sarge was nice enough to bring that for the kids.

Junior in his ACU's and riding in the HMMWV.

Squish Bear's turn...

Girly with Sarge on the other vehicle.

Squish Bear and Sarge.

All of us.  Sweet Pea was at home with Grandma.  Didn't want to bring her out in the heat, and as soon as we were done here, we went to Chuck E Cheese.

Sitting in the driver's seat.

The entire Lord's Army.  

Once at Chuck E Cheese, Girly decided to have her picture taken.  

And of course she had to do a silly one.

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  1. Very cool. We have Neighborhood Bible Time in a couple of weeks.