Monday, February 20, 2012

Up- cycled, Down- sized Wedding Dress

I posted this on my design blog.  But decided to post it here as well so Grandma can get her fix of cute baby pictures =)

A couple months ago, a friend asked me if I would be willing to take her wedding dress and make a dedication gown for her new baby daughter.  And I said "Of course!"

The before picture.  A strapless dress with a colored sash and a bolero jacket.  The veil had tiny pearls and rhinestones on it.

And the start of the after pictures.  Sweet Pea decided to cooperate this time =)  A simple bodice dress with cap sleeves and a (very) gathered skirt.  The dress is completely lined- no tulle to make it poofier though.

Girly- girl was standing behind me making faces and singing silly songs.  I guess she didn't like the song as much.

I took the sash and down- sized it.  It looks bigger than it really is because of how Sweet Pea is sitting.

I took the veil and turned it into an apron for the dress- just added a pink ribbon at the top.

She really liked the feel of the veil.

I also made a completely reversible jacket.  This is the white side.

And this is the brown side.

Here is the dress and jacket with out the adorable model.  The shape of the jacket is easier to see hanging up.

I still have some of the dress left and will be working on a blanket with it.  I haven't done any quilting, so that should be an interesting challenge =)

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