Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So apparently...

I'm really bad with posting updates.

I texted a picture of the grandkids to my mother- in- love and I got a text back saying she was going through cute picture withdrawal =)

Sweet Pea is 8 months now and has started to get the hang of sitting by herself.  She's up to about a minute before she tries to fling herself backwards.

And she's talking all the time now.  Which is really cute when we're all awake.  But at 2:30AM, it's not quite as cute.

And she's had her first taste of real food.

We went with avocados.  She *loved* them =)  Hardly got any on herself and tried to help me get the spoon to her mouth as fast as she could.  Next I think we'll try bananas or maybe sweet potatoes.

Here's all of them...  I'm so glad Sweet Pea outgrew the toy stroller so quickly.  Now that she's able to sit up, she's too big for Girly- girl to push her around in it.

Here she is...  Cute, chubby checks and all.  Wearing Girly- girl's hat...  Shhh.  Don't tell her Sweet Pea's already *borrowing* her clothes.

And I have nothing better to do than to play around with photo editing software.

In other, kid related news...

Junior is flying through his 2nd grade curriculum.  Some days a little too fast to completely grasp what he's suppose to be doing lol!  And he will be testing for his purple belt in a couple more weeks.  So hopefully I'll actually find my camera, remember to take pictures and write a post about the =)

Girly- girl has started running with me.  She's aiming for running a race (1k) in April.  I'm pretty sure she'll do great.  She's also flying through her schoolwork as well.  She's really starting to pick up on the reading and loves math.  

And Squish Bear is just adorable and knows how to use it to his advantage lol!

Now that grandma has gotten a full update, I can go back to trying to keep up with the kids =)

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  1. Aside from coconut milk yogurt, avocado was Miss K's first food. She loved it (and still does). The picture of all four together is very cute! :)