Saturday, October 22, 2011

{31 for 21} Day 22: Progress

Two days post- op

Sweet Pea is making progress.  Her chest tube and pacer wires came out this morning.  The nurses are optimistic that the atrial line will be out today as well.  I'm glad the tubes and wires are slowly disappearing.  Nursing has been a bit of a challenge- trying to get her situated without getting tangled up =)  But we're making it work.

The other kiddos came up for a visit yesterday, and I, of course, forgot to get a picture of them with their sister.  I am very grateful for the staff here at the hospital.  Before the kids went in, they brought out a doll that had all the same wires and stickers on it that Sweet Pea had.  The Child Life specialist went through each one and explained why each one was important.  All three were excited to see here and can't wait for her too get home (and neither can we ;))

The other kids have been completely spoiled by grandma and papa.  My dad has been doing lots of projects with the kids- yesterday it was soap carvings.  There's been campfires and s'mores and trips to the "man" store.  I'm very thankful that they're both retired and can come down and spend this time with the kids.  It's been a huge weight off my shoulders knowing the other kids are well taken care of =)


  1. Those child life specialists are great! One of my best friends was one before she adopted a little boy from her hospital. So glad for grandparents and disappearing wires and tubes :)

  2. So glad to hear about the disappearing wires and Hailey's disappeared my heart skipped a beat!