Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{31 for 21} Day 18: Pre- Op

The countdown is down to hours.  In less than 14 hours we will be handing Sweet Pea over to have her heart fixed.  Gulp.

Her pre- op appointment went great.  I'm very impressed with the hospital and their accommodations for families.

We also received a bead necklace with Sweet Pea's name on it and a colored bead for every procedure she will have done.  It's a way for her to tell her story- when she's older of course =)

That's about it for today.  Short and sweet.  We're going to go love on our kids and *hopefully* get some sleep tonight.

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  1. (((Hugs))) I will be praying for you tomorrow. I'm not gonna lie...its pretty much the hardest thing in the world to hand her over, but what a difference it will make once she's all fixed. If I may offer a small piece of unsolicited advice...I spent a lot of time updating my blog and facebook and sending out text updates and that really helped me not fixate on the clock.