Sunday, October 16, 2011

{31 for 21} Day 16: Twelve Years

This post has nothing to do with Down syndrome, but yet it has everything to do with it.  Without this one event, I wouldn't be were I am today.

Twelve years ago I married my best friend.

Wow, we look so young!

Didn't everyone cut their cake with a sword?

So many things have happened in the last 12 years.  

Four beautiful children...

Junior                                          Girly- girl 

Squish Bear                                      Sweet Pea


And homecomings...

And so many more.

As we start this journey down a path that neither of us expected to take, I'm so glad that it's you walking with me.  

I love you Sarge, now and forever.


  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary! And many, many more!

    Your wedding photos are beautiful. For our wedding, I couldn't convince my husband to wear his ASUs instead of shelling on $$ on a tux rental :-(

  2. Awww...Happy Anniversary! You guys make a fine looking couple and you have a beautiful family!