Thursday, September 8, 2011

*Heart*enting News

Sweet Pea has had a couple appointments the last few days.

Last week Friday we met with the heart surgeon.  And in the words of Sarge: 

"Heart surgeon seemed like a decent guy...for a cheeze head. Hopefully the Pack doesn't have a bad game the weekend before Levia's surgery, don't want the doc unfocused."

Yes, the heart surgeon was born and raised in WI and is a Packer fan.  But, Sarge did agree to put his differences aside and trust him ;)

Tuesday we met with her cardiologist.  He did another echocardiogram of her heart and was pleased with what he saw.  There hasn't been any change in the last 6 weeks.  He said she looks good and is continuing to gain weight at a nice rate (50% on the Down syndrome charts).  He also didn't seem concerned that she has been sweating while she eats.  Her lungs sound clear and her breathing wasn't/ hasn't been labored.  All that means is that we don't have to put her on medication before her surgery =)

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  1. Thanks for the update. When will the surgery be? I'm keeping you & her in prayer.