Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

Last week was a busy week.  The kids had vacation Bible school, so that meant running back and forth in the evening, but the good thing about it- besides the kids learning about God- was that I got a couple hours to myself ;)  The theme was SonSurf and the church was decorated with all things beach related.

The kids getting ready to start the evening.  Wish I had remembered to take more pictures of the decorations.

A while back we bought a scale to keep track of Sweet Pea's weight gain in between Dr's visits.  I'm especially happy we have it now that she's completely refusing bottles and I have *no idea*how much she's getting nursing.

She must be getting enough.  She's outgrown her bed already ;)

Last week Saturday she was 9lbs even and last night she was 9lbs 7 oz.  Seven ounces in eight days is great!

The kids had a birthday party this weekend too.  And because it was so hot, it was at a pool.

No water for her...  Just hanging out in the shade.

Food was more important =)

That's about it for the last week or so.  Sweet Pea might have an appointment with a geneticist tomorrow- depends on if the insurance approves the referral.  Course, they've only had almost 3 months to do that...  Otherwise I plan on staying inside in the air conditioning.  highs are suppose to be 107* with heat indexes approaching 115*.  Remind me again why we wanted to move to TX =) 

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