Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Last weekend, I had the chance to have nursing pictures taken by the very talented Mae Burke of Mae Burke Photography.  Not knowing what to expect, I was immediately put at easy by her beautiful smile and outgoing personality (I'm sure the chunkalicious baby she was carrying didn't help either =))

She helped us get set up- spread out the blanket, made sure I was comfortable sitting...  And said to just let Sweet Pea start when ever she was ready.  Then she started snapping away.  I hardly noticed she was there.  Sweet Pea noticed and couldn't take her eyes off her lol!

This has to be my absolute favorite one.  This is how I see my babies for so long and now I have a way to capture that perfect look of love.  I didn't notice it when I first looked at the picture, but I love how she's holding onto my hand...

She looks so excited in this picture.  I adore the belly and belly button.  None of my other kids have had such a cute looking belly button.  

These pictures are a celebration of how far Sweet Pea has come.  Two months ago, I was mentally preparing myself to having to pump for the next year and now, I'm celebrating that she won't take a bottle anymore (Sorry Grandma, I was thrilled to hear she refused to eat while Sarge and I were out on our date =)).

When we first learned about Sweet Pea's diagnosis, so many thoughts ran through my mind.  Regretfully, one was that she wouldn't be as *cute* as her brothers and sister.  These pictures have helped me see that she may not be *cute* like her siblings were, but that she definitely has a beauty that's all her own.  A heartfelt thank you to Mae for capturing this unique beauty.


  1. Beautiful! I love hearing about breastfeeding success stories with our little ones. Mine didn't start until 3 months old (after OHS) and is now a champ at it. Such a wonderful idea to have these photos taken. You will treasure them always.

  2. Cute bow and diaper too!!! She's beautiful and so are you. Wonderful memories to cherish.