Monday, June 6, 2011


Things have been pretty quiet, but busy, the last couple weeks.  We meet with the cardiologist again today.  Hopefully we'll get some more answers about when they'll schedule the surgery.

But until then, just some randomness from the last couple weeks.

Hmm...  Maybe big bows on little babies really are cute ;)

AWANA awards night.  Girly- girl is moving up to Sparkies and Junior got the Over Achiever Award.

We have a tradition of planting something for each of the kids.  This is Sweet Pea's Owari Satsuma tree.  It produce little oranges that are very sweet.  Just like her- little and sweet =)

He's a ninja superstar. 

Amy, the midwife, at our 2 week check up.

Most of the family.  Girly- girl was at a friend's house- her first sleep over.

Another picture of my girls and me.

Our Sunday School's 2nd annual Memorial Day picnic.

The grill masters

Just hanging out

A tee ball superstar in the making.

Junior- junior thinks Sweet Pea's chair is the perfect size for him.

Hanging out in the back yard.  So glad they all get a long so well.

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