Monday, June 13, 2011

I See You!

Sweet Pea had an appointment with the eye doctor this morning.  Yes, they can actually tell you a lot of things this young.

Good news is that her eyes look just like any other newborn's eyes look.  The doctor did "confirm" the Downs diagnosis.  In Downs children, there are extra blood vessels in the back of the eye, and Sweet Pea has those.  The extra blood vessels isn't a problem though, it's just one more physical feature that confirms what we already know.

There are a couple things that we need to watch for- goopy eyes past 6 months and cross eyed closer to a yr.  But, from what I understand, those are things that you need to watch for in all infants.

The doctor wants to see her back in about 2 yrs...  But they don't schedule patients out that far lol!

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