Monday, June 20, 2011

An Eventful Day

Saturday we had planned on having a small party for Girly- girl to celebrate her birthday with her friends.  And of course, it was a princess party...

When did they stop making pinatas that you had to break open?  Pulling a string just isn't as much fun for the kids.

All the candy.  I'm sure the parents appreciated my filling their kids full of sugar ;)

And she made out like a bandit once again.

The cutest Cinderella...

And cake (cupcakes) and ice cream.  Then we kicked them all outside to play in the pool and run through the sprinkler.

Hmm...  what's that in the background?  

Oh, just a wildfire to make things more interesting.  At one point, we could see the flames above the treeline.

The field to the north of us and the field to the east were on fire.  The fire line came within about 600 yrds of our neighborhood.  The neighborhood to the north of us had at least 3 houses damaged by the fires.  

Later that day, we got to see an airshow.  

We just missed getting a picture of this one dropping the fire retardant chemicals on the field.  At this point, we're pretty sure it was just insurance that the fires wouldn't start up again.

And this is how you watch the field across from your house burn.

We are very thankful that the fires didn't come any closer.  And although we appreciated the airshow, I really don't want to see another one like it that close again =)

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